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  Community Mapping, PGIS and P3DM Multimedia Collection

Last updated on June 03, 2012

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Participatory GIS multimedia collection compiled by Giacomo Rambaldi. Last updated on June 03, 2012

a collection of community mapping and participatory GIS multimedia


Localisation, Participation and Communication: an Introduction to Good PGIS Practice

This 25-min educational video documentary introduces the practice of participatory spatial information management and communication (PGIS) in the development context. It has been designed to introduce development practitioners (technology intermediaries) to the practice of demand-driven PGIS.


Reviving our culture, Mapping our future

The story of a special gathering in Venda, South Africa, and a community process in eco-cultural mapping. Indigenous leaders from Altai (Russia) and the Colombian Amazon, and NGO representatives from South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia, accompany Tshidvizhe community as they explore a simple yet powerful way to express the past and present of their territory and livelihoods onto hand-drawn maps.


Dr. Robert Chambers elaborates on Participatory GIS (PGIS) practice

Dr. Chambers from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK, reflects on the intersection of participatory development and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and on the resulting good and bad practices. In the interview he calls on practitioners and development agencies to ensure that good practice is put in place to avoid the repetition of the misuse of PRA (i.e. Participatory Rural Appraisal) done in the 80's and 90's.




Trading Bows and Arrows for Laptops

Chief Almir Surui asked Google for help with preserving his Amazon tribe's culture and protect his indigenous territory from deforestation. In June 2008, a team of Googlers led by Rebecca Moore of the Google Earth Outreach team went to the Amazon to train over 20 indigenous tribes on using the internet to preserve their land and their way of life.



Raumoco Watershed Disaster Risk Reduction (Part 1 and 2)

Community based disaster risk reduction project using participatory 3 dimensional mapping, East Timor.





Mapping is Power
Set in the Altai Republic of Russia in southern Siberia, Mapping is Power follows cultural specialist Maya Erlenbaeva and shaman Maria Amanchina as they visit sacred sites near Kosh Agach. Indigenous people are mapping their sacred sites to protect them. This 3 minute scene is a preview of Losing Sacred Ground, a 12-part series produced by the Sacred Land Film Project, which will profile sacred land struggles around the world.




Through the Eyes of Hunter-Gatherers: Participatory 3D Modelling among Ogiek Indigenous Peoples in Kenya
A 30 min voiced presentation (Flash movie format) describing a participatory process by which Ogiek indigenous people in the Mau Forest Complex in Kenya rendered their spatial memories through the making of a georeferenced 3D model covering their ancestral domain.




Participatory 3D Modelling in Fiji: 2007 World Summit Award winning product in the e-Culture category
One-minute clip featured at the award ceremony in Venice, Italy, November 2, 2007.




Forest Trek with Baka People using GPS
Children from a Baka community in Cameroon have been speaking to British students via a video link up.




Baka People using GPS
Jerome Lewis of University College London helps Cameroon's Baka Peoples use GPS to stop illegal logging.




Participatory 3D Modelling in Fiji for Safeguarding Cultural Heritage and Natural Resources
A 2-minute video summarizing the award winning P3DM exercise done on Ovalau Island in Fiji.




Participatory 3D Modelling: a method for improving grassroots management of natural resources
A 6-minute presentation on Participatory 3D Modelling (P3DM) delivered by Giacomo Rambaldi at the Tech For Food International Forum during the International Agriculture Show in Paris on 6 March, 2007.




Mapping for Change 2005:  Report Back
A 13-minute reportage on the Mapping for Change Conference which took place in Nairobi, Kenya on September 7-10, 2005. The reportage features interviews with PGIS/P3DM practitioners from around the globe and summarizes the process and outcomes of the event.




Spread with Quality - an imperative for PGIS Good Practice
a 6-min. clip on the concluding remarks made by Robert Chambers (IDS) at the Mapping for Change Conference, Nairobi 7-9, 2005. 



Higaonon English

Journey of our lives (Paglawig Sa Among Kinabuhi), Bukidnon, Philippines
A 14-minute participatory video production documenting a journey to the land of
Higaonon ancestors. The virtual journey recreates experiences lived up by the members of the community in using a physical participatory 3D model to document, share across generations and safeguard their intangible cultural heritage.




Community Mapping in Tsunami Affected Areas in Aceh, Indonesia
a 15-min. video on how community mapping is used in Aceh Indonesia after the 2005 Tsunami. 




Giving Voice to the Unspoken
a 20-min. video showing the hands-on aspects of Participatory 3D Modelling and Participatory GIS in Vietnam. For more information on P3DM, click here and here.



English and Spanish

The Right to be Different
a 20-min. documentary on indigenous water rights in Ecuador, including the use of Participatory 3D Modelling.




Platforms and Terraces:
a 20-min. video on GIS with the Ifugao People of the Philippines: Bridging Participation and GIS Technology for Natural Resource Management




Agrimensura Campesina para la gestión local de la tierra y los recursos naturales
un documental de 20 minutos que narra la experiencia de la comunidad de Santo Domingo, Telpaneca en Nicaragua. La metodología que se implementó utiliza técnicas consensuadas de decisión, así como herramientas de precisión de fácil manejo (GPS).




SAMBA, a roleplaying game for sustainable management of natural resources

Partnership between farmers and scientists for land management

Participatory simulation to facilitate technical and organisational innovations 
3 short videos produced by the Mountain Agrarian Systems (SAM) Program in Vietnam.





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