National Integrated Protected Areas Programme

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El Nido Protected Area
Mt. Isarog National Park
Mt. Malindang Natural Park
Mt. Guiting Guiting NP
Coron Island
Mts. Iglit & Baco NP
Mt. Pulag National Park
Malampaya Sound




The Goal

The National Integrated Protected Areas Programme (NIPAP, 1996 - 2001) goal is to contribute to the conservation, protection and management of natural habitats and biodiversity in the country's Integrated National Protected Areas System (NIPAS).

The project objective is to establish effective protection and management of natural habitats and biodiversity in eight NIPAS sites representing seven of the Philippines’ fifteen bio-geographical zones.

The Original Eight Main Aims of the EU-GoP funded Project are the following:

  • To protect the biodiversity of each selected Protected Area (PA);

  • To ensure sustainable management of each selected PA;

  • Contribute to enforcing the NIPAS act;

  • To enhance the capabilities of the DENR/PAWB staff and local communities so that they will be in a position to take over and maintain the policies and facilities introduced during the life of the project; 

  • To develop and maintain the ecological benefits that the protected areas provide to local communities;

  • To increase the wise use of available natural resources (especially those of forest and coastal areas;

  • To create a public awareness, both nationally and locally, of the need to protect the forest and  biodiversity; and 

  • To help ensure that rights of indigenous communities living in and around the Protected Areas are respected and likewise that gender issues are given due attention in project planning and  implementation.

Two Supplementary Aims

  • To emphasize a community-based sustainable protection strategy within the framework of the NIPAS Act); and

  • To encourage and work closely with NGOs.