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Vertical exaggeration

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  This page was
last updated on
June 03, 2012


Vertical exaggeration is extremely important for 3D models.

Vertical exaggeration simply means that your vertical scale is larger than your horizontal scale. A lot of participatory 3D models are done with a horizontal scale of 1:10,000 (1 cm = 10,000 cm) and a vertical scale of 1:6,666 (1 cm = 6,666 cm)

To determine the amount of vertical exaggeration used to construct a 3D model, simply divide the real-world units on the horizontal axis by the real-world units on the vertical axis.

If the vertical (grid) scale is one 1cm = 5,000 cm and the horizontal scale is 1cm = 10,000 cm, the vertical exaggeration is 2X (1:10,000/1:5,000).

Vertical Exaggeration = Horizontal (Map) Scale divided by the Vertical (Grid) Scale!




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