Endorois Peoples, Kenya

Participatory 3 Dimensional Modelling by Endorois Peoples in Kenya

endorois1001628_667754309917967_1939482139_nParticipatory 3 Dimensional Model Mapping for Endorois People who lived in Mochongoi forest near lake Bogoria and Laikipia plains in Baringo and Laikipia, Kenya’s counties has just been completed which was made with a scale of 1:20,000 and a coverage of 330,570 hectares in total.

This 3D model was constructed by Endorois community members late March and early April 2013 in their Cultural Centre, near lake Bogoria in Baringo county.

This work was technically supported by ERMIS Africa, Financed by Ford Foundation through Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) and Government of Kenya as a stakeholder through local county council.