Action research

Participatory 3D Modelling used in the context of action research

The use of Participatory 3D Models in the context of collaborative research has been initiated in Thailand the in the late 80’s. While the methos is very effective and efficient in documenting local knowledge, good practice calls for caution in focusing on the research aspect rather than on the priorities of the knowledge holders.  Extractive processes need to be avoided.

Documented cases:

Polillo Islands, Philippines

Cuenca del Rio Cabuyal, Municipio del Caldono, Departemento del Cauca, Colombia

Potrerillo sub-watershed, Microcuenca de Pescador, Cauca, Colombia

Mountain Agrarian System Program, Vietnam, Phieng Lieng village, Cho Don District, Bac Kan Province, Vietnam

Lucchio, Tuscany, Italy

Montale, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Valleriana, Pescia, Pistoia, Italy