Danajon Bank, Philippines

Participatory 3D Model of the Danajon Bank, Bohol, Philippines

Images courtesy Fernando Ramirez, Ocean.org July 2006pic_363_deatils_pin_paintThis 1:10,000 scale 3D model with 2X vertical exaggeration,  was completed in July 2006. It depicts the vast Danajon Bank in Bohol, Philippines.  The Danajon Bank is a double barrier reef in the Philippines. One of only six double barrier reefs in the world, Danajon Bank runs for 156 km in the Central Visayas, around the following islands: Bohol, Cebu, and Leyte.
Image courtesy Fernando Ramirez, Ocean.org July 2006pic_365_colorsThe model  covers a total area of 480 km2. It was manufactured by local stakeholders in the framework of the Fisheries Improved for Sustainable Harvest (FISH) Project a (2003-2010) conservation initiative funded by USAID which focused on small-scale fisheries and coastal resource management.

The P3DM process was initiated as part of the information and education campaign and to help the Talibon local government develop and establish a Fisheries and Coastal Resource Management Interpretive Center.

 Image courtesy L Tinapay, Ocean.org July 2006
Planning phase

Depicted data reflect the cognitive maps of local governments, municipal agricultural officers, village chiefs, national and provincial government agencies, municipal planning and development officers.


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